Just a quick note to announce another project that I recently started. It's my webcomic called, the Process and you can go check it out here. There's also a blog with all the latest pages as well as all sorts of extra information including unused artwork, press coverage, notes etc. The blog is also where I encourage readers to leave their comments and their thoughts. Here's the first page to whet your appetite:



Things have been moving along at a splendid pace. Issue two has been released (as of last week), and we can't wait to hear what you think. Not sure if you want to drop the coin? Well...

Comic Book Resources has kindly treated us to two bits of press. First, they've made the entire contents of issue one availabe for free!


(you can also download all of issue one free from Oni Press by clicking HERE and looking in the upper right hand corner).

They've also posted a generous preview of issue two, along with some quotes from me about the book:


In conjunction with all of that I'm taking the unprecedented step of making my original scripts for both issues available for free to all. The hope in doing this is to provide fans and other interested parties with a window into the development process. Both scripts are in .pdf format, and all rights are reserved by me.

For issue one...CLICK HERE

For issue two...CLICK HERE

So there you are - all the Borrowed Time you can handle, all in one place. Feel free to leave comments and/or emails us with any thoughts.

Thanks for your support.


The Big Day is here: the New York Comic Con starts tomorrow, and with it begins the next chapter of the Borrowed Time saga. Volume Two is ready to meet the world. We're ready to meet you.


Things are heating up as we move towards next weekend's big debut of Volume Two at the New York Comic Con.

First, I've put a fresh coat of paint on the official website - give it a look by clicking here.

Second, we're going to have limited-edition promo buttons available for free at the Con and thereafter until they run out. Check it:

Stop by and say hello, pick up a copy of the book and get it signed, etc etc. Thanks for your support!


Volume Two Update!

The much anticipated second issue of Borrowed Time is off to the printers, and things should be heating up significantly over the next month or two. New information will show up here as it becomes available, but in the meantime here's what we know for sure:

- The book will be released at the end of February (possibly very early March). We don't have an exact date yet, but this timeframe is locked. What's more, if you plan on attending this year's New York Comic Con -- taking place at the Javits Center in Manhattan on February 23-25 -- the book will officially be "launched" there. Copies will be available for purchase, and both Joe and I will be on hand to sign, shake hands, have good conversation, and generally hang out and enjoy ourselves. We look forward to seeing you there.

And if we're not incentive enough, there will also be an Oni-related appearance by none other than Stephen Colbert himself.

- In the meantime, there are a ton of preview pages available at Joe's website (that's page 44 up on the left). I highly recommend checking them out. Joe just keeps getting better and better.

- I've written up the summary for issue 3, and I'm hard at work on the script. Barring any odd circumstances that book will be out later this year, with less time between them this go-round.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to drop us a line at borrowedcomics (at) aol.com.

Thanks for your interest, and do stay tuned...


I'd like to help get things rolling again by posting up the cover for Borrowed Time 2! As we get closer to the release, both Neal and I will have lots of cool updates so please check back often.


Sorry it's been so long between updates, folks, but every series goes through doldrums like that. We've all been plugging away at volume two, and I'm proud to announce that the book has been solicited and should be out in February! With any luck, we're going to coincide the release with the New York Comic Con, which happens the weekend of the 23rd.

This space will be getting gradually more active in the coming months (along with the website and Myspace page), and we'll be providing plenty of free samples along the way. Thanks for your interest -- you will be rewarded.


We've been treated to a very kind user review on Amazon...

click here to read it

Eh, what the hell. Here's what it said:
I hadn't read "comic books" or graphic novels or whatever they are called now since I was a kid. Superheros don't really do anything for me, and the few graphic treatments of literature I'd read seemed forced.

But then a friend recommended this slim volume, and I bought it here on Amazon.

I was very surprised - the expressive b&w art and the very original story are seamlessly complementary, and I was glued to it all the way through. It's a slightly surreal - but also, at the same time, very realistic - story, and while I don't want to give anything away, if you're a fan of LOST or unexplained natural phenomena or things like that I think you'll get a kick out of it.

I am anxiously awaiting the next issue!
Many, many thanks to Moe Hong of Berkeley, CA. If you're reading this, your support means a lot.


In addition to attending SPX (as mentioned below), I'm also planning to drop by the Baltimore Comic Con. It's my hometown Con, and a lot of good folks are setting up shop. Also, it's the new home of the Harvey Awards. Should be a fun show.

The Baltimore Con is September 9-10 at the Baltimore Convention Center

SPX is October 13-14 at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center


It's always a nice surprise to get a good review after a book has been out for a time. Just such a surprise came today, in this post by Colleen Mondor over at Bookslut (scroll all the way to the bottom - we're a "Cool Read for August").

Thanks, Colleen!

In book news, the script for the second volume is finished, and Joe is hard at work. We're still targeting December/January for a release.

Also, I'll be spending some time this year at SPX in Bethesda, MD. If you plan on coming to the show, or if you're just in the area, please do stop by and say hello.