Today I received an email from Tony containing the final graphic for our limited-edition promo poster. Feast your eyes:

(click for larger version)

These will be hanging in select shops and will be available, signed and numbered, at conventions/signings, and through both this blog and the website.

Also - and those of you who read my personal weblog already know this - we are organizing a release party here in Baltimore. The tentative date is Saturday, June 3rd. There will be bands, libations, books/posters/tees for sale and signature, and good times to be had. I'll keep you posted as the details firm up.

Things are advancing apace as we count down to the release date - just two weeks to go.


We're 20 days out now from the release date, and it's time for another batch of preview pages. For your enjoyment I present pages 43-47 of Borrowed Time:
(click pages for large versions)

This particular scene is one of my favorites, and I know that Joe enjoyed drawing it quite a bit. The old man we meet here is a kind of guru, a grizzled veteran of our alternate world who helps Taylor find his way. I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing more of him as subsequent volumes become realized.

You might also notice that these preview pages offer a kind of "soft" debut for the t-shirt design. I'm waiting to officially unveil it until I have them printed and ready to go, but there it is in action if you're curious.

Also, for all you MySpace users out there, what are you waiting for? Add us!

More to come soon, and thanks again for stopping by and helping spread the word!


The Newsarama interview has finally been posted - click here to read it! Some nice comments showed up there at the bottom, which led me last night, on a whim, to check the book's Amazon page. Here's what I found:

That's a hell of a one-day jump, and that ranking, however temporary, certainly made me feel like we're making progress. Thanks to one and all for helping out, and keep spreading the word.

Forthcoming posts will include some thoughts on the Bermuda Triangle and the release of the t-shirt and poster designs. Keep it bookmarked...


As we lead up to the May 10th release date, and probably for some time after that, I'll be posting small batches of preview pages to help stoke your interest. The process begins tonight, as I offer up pages 13-15 for your enjoyment:

I chose these pages in particular because they're a complete scene, one which I think does a nice job helping set the mood.

31 days and counting...


The book is off to the printers, and I thought you might like to know what you'll be looking for come May 10th. So here it is, the final cover spread:

click for large version

The design work was done by Steven Birch @ Servo, for Oni Press, and the back illustration is the same one featured on the website, courtesy of a Larson and Penxa collab.

I'll be posting some preview pages and other nuggets, as well, between now and the release date. Spread the word, and feel free to get in touch.


Several kind folks have given the book a hook-up, and we want to return the favor. Thanks to...


Russ Lichter

Bryan @ This Divided State

Chip Mosher

Jamie S. Rich

And to anyone else I might have forgotten - sorry about that. Let me know and I'll correct it asap.

Stay tuned for our interview at Newsarama. Should be coming soon.