We're 20 days out now from the release date, and it's time for another batch of preview pages. For your enjoyment I present pages 43-47 of Borrowed Time:
(click pages for large versions)

This particular scene is one of my favorites, and I know that Joe enjoyed drawing it quite a bit. The old man we meet here is a kind of guru, a grizzled veteran of our alternate world who helps Taylor find his way. I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing more of him as subsequent volumes become realized.

You might also notice that these preview pages offer a kind of "soft" debut for the t-shirt design. I'm waiting to officially unveil it until I have them printed and ready to go, but there it is in action if you're curious.

Also, for all you MySpace users out there, what are you waiting for? Add us!

More to come soon, and thanks again for stopping by and helping spread the word!


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