I finally got around to updating the "friends" section in the sidebar, but I want to point out that it is not yet comprehensive. I'll add more as they come to me, and as part of that process I want to encourage anyone who wants a spot to go ahead and email me with a request. I can't promise I'll add everybody, but odds are good.

The t-shirts have been shipped to me, and I anticipate having them available for sale late next week. If you've already emailed about them I'll be getting in touch. If not, make sure to stay tuned for the info.


Mike M at Comic Book Noise is the latest to check in with positive words. It's not a full review, but it's solid all the same. Click here and scroll down just a bit to check it out.


Don MacPherson at The Fourth Rail checks in with his thoughts on the book, and they're good. He rates us an 8/10 and really seems to get what the book is about. Many thanks, Don.

Also, I've got a big(ish) announcement: Tony and I will be signing and talking about the book at LA's venerable Secret Headquarters on Wednesday, July 19th. Mark it down and make it a plan.


June 3rd Flier
The June 3rd release party is official. Our friends in the band Plans Plans are headlining, along with Bo Lee Da and Johnny Beverly 1989. Once the live music is finished, DJ Sweet Potato will carry us to the wee hours with an intoxicating blend of top-quality tracks from the past and present. All the while we'll have books, t-shirts, and posters for sale, and good times and camaraderie everywhere you turn. Bring a friend, get your drink on, talk to me about the book, see and hear some good bands. It's one event you don't want to miss.

You can click here for a map and directions, and you can email me with any and all questions. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some new faces there.
In other news, A.C. Hall at Paperback Reader has checked in with the latest review, and it's a good one. click here to read it.


Reviews continue to pop up here and there...

Allan Muenzler at Randomville likes it, and delivers a very thoughtful analysis.

Johnny Bacardi gives it a B+, and also shouts out to fellow Oni books Past Lies (featuring my friend and past collaborator Chris Mitten) and The Leading Man.

While you await information about t-shirt and poster availability, I have some more news: the Saturday, June 3rd release party is confirmed.

The venue is the Supreme Imperial in downtown Baltimore, MD. We will have three, possibly four bands and two top-notch DJs. The lineup is not quite set, but as soon as it is I'll let you know. Save the date.


The book has been out for five days now, and I want to say thanks to everybody who's picked up a copy so far. Extra special thanks to those of you who have checked in and let us know what you think. For the rest of you, track down a copy and don't be shy. We aren't dangerous people.

Speaking of what folks think, the reviews are starting to trickle in here and there, and Dave Ferraro has some kind words for us at his Comics-and-More blog. Much appreciated, Dave.

We've had the printing take a little longer than expected, but the t-shirts will be available within a week or two. I promise. Stay tuned right here for up-to-date details.

Thanks again...


It's official! Borrowed Time will be available at comic shops this Wednesday! So head on down to the local shop and pick up a copy! If your favorite retailer doesn't carry Borrowed Time, please request that they order a few. And once you've read it, don't be shy to let us know what you think. In case Neal hasn't already encouraged you enough, I want to chime in and say how much you, the reader, matter! Your comments, whether good, bad or other, let us know that Borrowed Time left an impression on you and that means a great deal to us.


We've been fortunate enough to merit an 8 page preview at Publishers Weekly...

...click here to dig it!

I've known about this for a few days, but I didn't post it because I couldn't find the non-newsletter version. Joe found it and posted it at his site, and now I'm posting it here.

We're less than a week away from the official release date, and I'm extremely eager to hear what you think. Comments, emails, reviews on your blog or site, and anything/everything else are all welcome and encouraged. So don't be shy - even if you didn't like it for some reason, we want to know.
I've been asked more than once about the inspiration for this story, and specifically about the Bermuda Triangle. Why I chose it, what I think about it, etc. The short answer is that the book isn't exactly about the Triangle. I use that as a jumping off point, and that's pretty much as far as it goes. But it is there for a reason.

This is how I explained it in the Newsarama interview:

I like how the mysteries persist, and how there's always just enough to them that it gets you wondering. Even if the skeptics are right all the time, I don't want to necessarily hear it. Life's more interesting if you have those chances to say "what if?"

You can find it without even looking - from the Bermuda Triangle to Area 51 to the X-Files to the DaVinci Code, there is a persistent yearning for this kind of mystery. Few people really want to see these things explained, at least not to a degree of scientific certainty. Just as importantly, I don't think people necessarily want to believe in conspiracies, either. What they want is the for the mystery to remain just plausible enough.

And why not? There is no way that the skeptics are right 100% of the time - there is something to these myths. Borrowed Time is the "what if?" situation. And if these things do actually exist, as they must to some extent, then they must also have affected real people along the way. That is where it starts.

For anyone who's curious, these are some of the pages I bookmarked while doing my research on the book. I don't know that they were ultimately all that helpful, but they do give a window into some of the thinking out there.

The Bermuda Triangle, from byerly.org


What the Navy says


From the book's Barnes and Noble page, check this out:

I'll keep that kind of company all day, so thanks whoever you are.

Miscellaneous news...

- The t-shirts and posters are off to print and should be available soon. I'll have the purchase info here as soon as it's available.

- James Sime is planning to feature our book in his Comic Pimp column at CBR. Aside from being a very cool person, James also runs one of the coolest independent comics shops in the country. His support of our efforts means a lot, so definitely show him and his shop some love if you get the chance.

- Even though the first volume isn't out yet, I thought you should know that I'm making great progress on writing the script for volume two. Once you read the first issue, this will be the place (along with Joe's website) to stay up to date on our progress with issue two. The tentative release date is November or December of this year.

More soon...