From the book's Barnes and Noble page, check this out:

I'll keep that kind of company all day, so thanks whoever you are.

Miscellaneous news...

- The t-shirts and posters are off to print and should be available soon. I'll have the purchase info here as soon as it's available.

- James Sime is planning to feature our book in his Comic Pimp column at CBR. Aside from being a very cool person, James also runs one of the coolest independent comics shops in the country. His support of our efforts means a lot, so definitely show him and his shop some love if you get the chance.

- Even though the first volume isn't out yet, I thought you should know that I'm making great progress on writing the script for volume two. Once you read the first issue, this will be the place (along with Joe's website) to stay up to date on our progress with issue two. The tentative release date is November or December of this year.

More soon...


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