I'd also like to bring to everybody's attention that I will be at San Diego's Comicon starting July 19th. I will be doing double duty between the Oni booth and the Caveman Robot table #1221. No matter where you will find me, though, I am happy to share some conversation, laughs, and hand shakes (no joy buzzers please!). I will also have a new full color mini comic called Mandala, that will be available for the first time at SDCC. See you there!

In other news, I recently got my very own BT-shirt and I have to say that I am totally in love with it! Kudos to Tony and Neal for making this happen. As somebody who is not normally fashionably inclined, this shirt is a real boost to my wardrobe and I having been wearing it almost ceaselessly since I got it (while staying within the bounds of good hygiene). I encourage everybody who may be a T-shirt graphic fetishist, a burgeoning fashionista or a regular guy who just enjoys a cool looking Tee like myself to get your very own. You will not be disappointed.


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