Things have been moving along at a splendid pace. Issue two has been released (as of last week), and we can't wait to hear what you think. Not sure if you want to drop the coin? Well...

Comic Book Resources has kindly treated us to two bits of press. First, they've made the entire contents of issue one availabe for free!


(you can also download all of issue one free from Oni Press by clicking HERE and looking in the upper right hand corner).

They've also posted a generous preview of issue two, along with some quotes from me about the book:


In conjunction with all of that I'm taking the unprecedented step of making my original scripts for both issues available for free to all. The hope in doing this is to provide fans and other interested parties with a window into the development process. Both scripts are in .pdf format, and all rights are reserved by me.

For issue one...CLICK HERE

For issue two...CLICK HERE

So there you are - all the Borrowed Time you can handle, all in one place. Feel free to leave comments and/or emails us with any thoughts.

Thanks for your support.


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